Medical Carts
medical carts

Flexible range of medical-graded carts for clinical and research purposes

  • Custom built by COSMED
  • Choice between two or one screen
  • Choice between 1 or 3 cylinder place holder
  • No dangling wires
  • Optional medical graded cart with isolation transformer


  • Medical CartsCOSMED powered carts have been designed to allow easy and safe use of Quark Systems. Tough and simple to handle, these carts can hold the whole equipment : Quark unit, PC, monitor, printer and cylinders (1 or 3 according to model). A built-in isolation transformer secures limited leakage currents, according to the EN 60601-1 standard.

    Medical Carts Product Guide: Italian - English

  • 3 Cylinder Holder Cart Ideal in case of full PFT configuration (monitor and breathing valve arm) + 3 gas cylinder. Useful also for CPET configurations.
    Quark PFT
    1 Cylinder Holder Cart Compact design for CPET testing or nutrition departments when bed side testing is necessary. Available in two configurations (medical grade and not-electrified) to meet both hospital requirements and limited budgets. Special arm available to hold two monitors (ECG + Gas Exchange).
    Quark RMR
    Quark CPET