Pulse Oximetry
pulse oximetry

High quality Pulse Oximeters for integrated oxygen saturimetry during rest or stress testing

  • Full range of oximeters and sensors for different patient applications
  • Small, lightweight and portable technology
  • Low power draw (60 mW)
  • Accurate performance in challenging monitoring environments at critical SpO2 levels
  • Intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering


  • Pulse OximetryBased on Nonin technology, two models of oximeters are available depending on different patient application and mode of use:
    • ipod: combines the oximeter and sensor in one self-contained unit. Ideal for spot-checking SpO2 of adult patients.
    • Xpod: the oximeter is integrated in the cable and can be attached to a broad range of accurate and dependable sensors (finger, earlobe and forehead) for different patient applications

    Pulse Oximetry Product Guide: Italian - English